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About Books

If your favourite kind of journey is one that lets you lose yourself between the pages of the book, if you believe that the scent of an old book is the most enchanting fragrance in the universe, then you are a bibliophile.  Our online bookstore creates a virtual space that is every book lover’s private paradise.
Dante’s Inferno from the 14th century, Dan Brown’s Inferno from 2013 and everything in between are available in our exhaustive collection of books. So that you don’t lose yourself in the labyrinth, we have them neatly compartmentalized into categories and genres.  

Our fiction catalogs juggle between classics and bestsellers and allow Shakespeare and J.K Rowling to coexist, so that there is a book that matches your comfort zone.  Pick your favourite from our shelves that feature mystery, thriller, science fiction, short stories, sex and erotica and more.  Set out on a roller-coaster ride of adventure and romance with our top authors like Amish Tripathi, Jeffrey Archer, Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh.

For an aspiring Nigella Lawson we have cook books. Books that deal with business & technology are for executives, while we help out the professionals of tomorrow with entrance material. Self help and health & fitness focus on grooming you physically and psychologically. Books on religion and philosophy join in on your quest to unravel the deeper philosophies of life. If you’re into living life on the edge, sports & adventure and travel narratives are chosen to inspire you. In short there’s a book on what you love to do, no matter what.

The best gift you can ever give your children is to let them fall in love with books. Classics, folktales, illustrated books, fairy tales, comics & graphic novels, fantasy and magic, detective stories, legends, myths and fables are just a few of the collections that will transform this platform into your child’s favourite virtual hideout. 

Even though every book is worth the wait we know the sooner you get to read it the better, which is why we have a pre-order option. Best things come in large packages with our book combos. Our new releases help you catch up with the current favourites, and if you’d rather listen to the stories, we have audio books.