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  • Rated Mar 5, 2013

    I feel this is a great camera when it comes to clarity and the quality of image is exceptional, I am glad that I got this one. Beats a lot of other cameras in similar configuration and the phone cameras don't even stand to compete. Really amazing!

  • Rated Mar 31, 2013

    Now my photography passion has received a new meaning and edge with this fantastic camera which is not just a camera but a magic box where simple glimpse gets in but outstanding upshots come out. It comes with 4x Optical Zoom and Intelligent Auto mode, which allows me to shoot beautiful pictures anytime, everywhere. I am highly satisfied with it. The application is not that intricate and battery backup is also commendable. I click now picture which has totally professional zing. It is affordable and totally trendy in manifestation. It is so handy that I do carry it effortlessly whenever I take a trip to a place.

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A wedding is a one day affair. Birthday celebrations do not take more than a few hours. Your little ones grow up into young ladies and gentlemen before you know it. Some of the best moments in life tend to slip away rather too soon. Your only resort, if you’d like to freeze those moments and relive them at your convenience, is to own a camera.

It is sometimes almost impossible to shortlist a camera to buy, because of the endless factors to be taken into consideration and the unlimited number of brands available. Our cameras and camcorders are from the best of the brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm etc., and span a wide range of features, resolutions and price points.

A smart phone to any tech savvy individual is what a DSLR camera is to a professional photographer. While a lower end Fujifilm or Olympus is a great choice for amateur, occasional photographers, the DSLRs from Sony, Nikon and Canon are more suited for those who consider photography as a way of life. Specialized attention must be paid to whether you require zoom lens, macro lens or telephoto lens, depending on whether the focus is on outdoor or indoor photography.

All weather compatibility, built-in speakers and microphones, electronic shutters and efficient low light recording are just a few of the many highlights of our camcorders. The wide collection gives you a lot of options to pick from, and lets you shoot and save everything from a friend’s convocation to thrilling vacation adventures.

The true extent of your love and regard for the camera reflects in the number of accessories that team up with it. Camera bags, pouches and lens cleaners comprise that extra mile you could go to take care of your camera. Flashlights, UV filters, tripods, camera batteries, memory cards and chargers are quintessential camera accessories for a dedicated photographer. We’re well stocked on these and beyond, with a list that extends into binoculars, telescopes and digital photo frames as well. 

Our product specifications are well researched, so as to give you a hand in buying the camera you have in mind. EMI schemes, FREE shipping, superdeal offers and special promotions are just a few of our many add-ons with which we make your shopping a wholesome and pleasurable experience.