Buy Casual Shirts for Men Online

Casual shirts are a must-keep in every man's wardrobe. There are the easiest to throw on when you're hitting a party or visiting the mall in an impromptu plan. Best part about casual shirts is that pairing them takes only a moment. Additionally, they look great with chinos, jeans and even with shorts.

Checkered and Striped Shirts

If you prefer your shirts plain, you're in luck. Just pick a solid shade and then it's all a matter of whether you like it or not. To help you sort your selection, here are a range of plain prints  from Arrow, Harvest, I Am Young

If you're a fan of checks or stripes, then you are in for a sure treat. Tens of pure cotton shirts from Cotton County, Urban Touch will capture your fashion sensibilities for sure. Ideally, for casual wear, the bigger the checks, the better the look or whatever floats your boat! 


Before shopping for casual shirts, remember that there are two kinds of cuts involved – the button-downs and the dressy shirts. When you’re out shopping specifically for casual wear, avoid dressy shirts esp. if you prefer your shirts untucked. 

Roll-up Sleeves

Irrespective of the prints, patterns and colours you prefer, try to always buy shirts with buttons for rolling and holding up the sleeves. Why? Because, it looks cool and keeps you ready for everything that requires you to roll up your sleeves. Just kidding!