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Competitive Strategy: Techniques For Analyzing Industries And Competitors


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    overview - Competitive Strategy: Techniques For Analyzing Industri...

    Electrifying in its simplicity - like all great breakthroughs - COMPETITIVE STRATEGY captures the complexity of industry competition in five underlying forces. Author Michael Porter introduces one of the most powerful competitive tools yet developed: his three generic strategies - lowest cost, differentiation, and focus - which bring structure to the task of strategic positioning. He shows how competitive advantage can be defined in terms of relative cost and relative prices, thus linking it directly to profitability, and presents a whole new perspective on how profit is created and divided. More than a million managers in both large and small companies, investment analysts, consultants, students, and scholars throughout the world have internalised Porter's ideas and applied them to assess industries, understand competitors and choose competitive positions. COMPETITIVE STRATEGY has filled a void in management thinking. It provides an enduring foundation and grounding point on which all subsequent work can be built. Porter's rich frameworks and deep insights comprise a sophisticated view of competition unsurpassed in the last quarter-century.

    About The Author
    Michael E. Porter (Shortlisted: 2011 Strategy Award) (Winner: 2005 Thinkers50) is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, and one of the most influential management thinkers of his generation. Porter is considered by many to be the father of modern corporate strategy.

    Porter’s Five Forces Framework is taught in every business school in the world.

    The author of 18 books and over 125 articles, Porter co-founded the Monitor Group in 1983. Many of Porter's ideas have entered mainstream management practice. His seminal Harvard Business Review article “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy,” (March/April 1979) introduced the Five Forces model for analyzing competitive position in an industry. His first widely read book Competitive Strategy, which followed soon after the 1979 article, is now in its 63rd imprint.

    From investigating corporate competition, Porter moved on to examine competition between nations in his book The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990). He arrived at the Diamond Framework for National Competitive Advantage as a tool to help explain why some nations achieve greater productivity and higher standards of living than others.

    Since 2001, Porter has devoted considerable attention to competition in the health care system, with a focus on improving health care delivery. His work with Professor Elizabeth Teisberg, including the book Redefining Health Care (2006), is influencing thinking and practice not only in the United States but numerous other countries. More recently, Porter has examined the interaction between competition and society. In particular, he has explored the relationship between competition and environmental sustainability, and competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility, and proposed the concept of shared value, arguing that firms should generate value for society as well as shareholders.

    He has received six McKinsey Awards for the best Harvard Business Review article of the year.

    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Introduction, 1980
  • PART I General Analytical Techniques
      • Chapter 1 The Structural Analysis of Industries
      • Structural Determinants of the Intensity of Competition
      • Structural Analysis and Competitive Strategy
      • Structural Analysis and Industry Definition
      • Chapter 2 Generic Competitive Strategies
      • Three Generic Strategies
      • Stuck in the Middle
      • Risks of the Generic Strategies
      • Chapter 3 A Framework for Competitor Analysis
      • The Components of Competitor Analysis
      • Putting the Four Components Together -- The Competitor
      • Response Profile
      • Competitor Analysis and Industry Forecasting
      • The Need for a Competitor Intelligence System
      • Chapter 4 Market Signals
      • Types of Market Signals
      • The Use of History in Identifying Signals
      • Can Attention to Market Signals Be a Distraction?
      • Chapter 5 Competitive Moves
      • Industry Instability: The Likelihood of Competitive Warfare
      • Competitive Moves
      • Commitment
      • Focal Points
      • A Note on Information and Secrecy
      • Chapter 6 Strategy Toward Buyers and Suppliers
      • Buyer Selection
      • Purchasing Strategy
      • Chapter 7 Structural Analysis Within Industries
      • Dimensions of Competitive Strategy
      • Strategic Groups
      • Strategic Groups and a Firm's Profitability
      • Implications for Formulation of Strategy
      • The Strategic Group Map as an Analytical Tool
      • Chapter 8 Industry Evolution
      • Basic Concepts in Industry Evolution
      • Evolutionary Processes
      • Key Relationships in Industry Evolution
    PART II Generic Industry Environments
      • Chapter 9 Competitive Strategy in Fragmented Industries
      • What Makes an Industry Fragmented?
      • Overcoming Fragmentation
      • Coping with Fragmentation
      • Potential Strategic Traps
      • Formulating Strategy
      • Chapter 10 Competitive Strategy in Emerging Industries
      • The Structural Environment
      • Problems Constraining Industry Development
      • Early and Late Markets
      • Strategic Choices
      • Techniques for Forecasting
      • Which Emerging Industries to Enter
      • Chapter 11 The Transition to Industry Maturity
      • Industry Change during Transition
      • Some Strategic Implications of Transition
      • Strategic Pitfalls in Transition
      • Organizational Implications of Maturity
      • Industry Transition and the General Manager
      • Chapter 12 Competitive Strategy in Declining Industries
      • Structural Determinants of Competition in Decline
      • Strategic Alternatives in Decline
      • Choosing a Strategy for Decline
      • Pitfalls in Decline
      • Preparing for Decline
      • Chapter 13 Competition in Global Industries
      • Sources and Impediments to Global Competition
      • Evolution to Global Industries
      • Competition in Global Industries
      • Strategic Alternatives in Global Industries
      • Trends Affecting Global Competition
    PART III Strategic Decisions
      • Chapter 14 The Strategic Analysis of Vertical Integration
      • Strategic Benefits and Costs of Vertical Integration
      • Particular Strategic Issues in Forward Integration
      • Particular Strategic Issues in Backward Integration
      • Long-Term Contracts and the Economics of Information
      • Illusions in Vertical Integration Decisions
      • Chapter 15 Capacity Expansion
      • Elements of the Capacity Expansion Decision
      • Causes of Overbuilding Capacity
      • Preemptive Strategies
      • Chapter 16 Entry into New Businesses
      • Entry through Internal Development
      • Entry through Acquisition
      • Sequenced Entry
      • Appendix A Portfolio Techniques in Competitor Analysis
      • Appendix B How to Conduct an Industry Analysis
      • Bibliography
      • Index

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