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  • I am extremely happy with my brand new Asus laptop. It has Intel Core i3 2328M processor. The processor is well supported by 2GB RAM which ensures speed and accuracy for smooth functioning. I am really happy with its facilities and feel that it is custom-made for me. I can store ample amount of data as per my requirement with500GB HDD. It has good pixel quality that makes viewing clear with 35.56-cm (14-inch) LED backlight for HD display. Some of the other features of the laptop are HDMI, 4-in-1 card reader, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth option that makes my function smooth, fast and quite convenient to use.

  • The trendy laptop from Dell is available with an excess of features to make you acquire the most excellent for your money spent on it. It has the second generation Intel Core processor that offers you a speedy performance and guarantees that you by no means have to cooperate on anything. The laptop is equipped with a high capacity hard disk with 2GB RAM that make you to store voluminous music and video files without any difficulty. The viewing of pictures and videos through its WLED screen offers you an amazing experience. You can as well share your music and videos with your friends and family my means of its pre-install Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions.

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