Door and Window Curtains

Looking for stylish curtain for your home? Look no further than HomeShop18’s curtain collection catalogue. The collection comprises tens of options in designs and dimensions based on your preferences and interiors’ central theme. Interestingly, Curtain Designs have evolved a lot over the years from heavy, light-blocking drapes to ornamental utilities.

Based on your requirement you can choose between Door Curtains and Window Curtains. Contemporary design aesthetics are complicated yet diverse at the same time. You do not have to stick to a particular design anymore. In fact, modern homes do not even follow old school dimensions or number of curtains for a frame. You can buy as few as two curtains for your door or window and as many as four or more depending on the width, desired look, and amount of light entering the room. Skipper, Swayam, At Home, Deco Window, PINDIA, Shamrock have an exquisite collection of luxurious, sheer and plain curtains online on HomeShop18. 

Curtain Rods and Accessories

Curtain Rods come in many variation based on length, form, colour, circumference and decorative ends. Deco Window collection of steel rods essentially defines the desired look. Rooms with rich tapestry would do well with ornamental Curtain Rods whereas minimalistic interiors would complement rods with simpler designs. Another frequently overlooked factor is the circumference of the rod which is and must always be decided based on the curtains because heavier fabrics call for thicker rods or you find bends and dents on rods within days of hanging curtains.

Once your fixtures are ready, you still have the option of adding accessories to enhance the look of your room. Curtain Tie-Backs and rich tassels can transform your curtains from simple to splendid, and bland to tasteful. Such small changes often impact living spaces far and beyond expectations.