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  • This could be one of the most revolutionary anything from Vodafone since Zoozoos I guess. It's a great concept for those who wish to spend little on excesses of 21st century like the internet. I have this at my home. Works pretty well for me. I am not an internet buff. At best, i log into Facebook to check on friends or check my email. For my intensity of usage, Webbox is da bomb, but hardcore internet users may not find this as great. For one, it only allows 2G SIM card. Secondly, the microSD is only a 2GB one, but then, to each his own. Research thoroughly before buying and keep your expecations accordingly. You will NOT be disappointed. :)

  • Rated Oct 19, 2012

    This repellent does not work on any dangerous chemicals. It's really very safe and quiet. The noise is virtually non-existent and an excellent one for a good night's sleep.

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