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  • Rated Feb 7, 2013

    Most of my travel bags are either for week-long trips or weekend getaways and that's how i like it. Being too particular and measuring every day of the trip just kills the fun. This one's actually a flexible one. You can carry it on weekends or on extended 4-5 day trips. The insides are spacious, looks sophisticated and the quality is pretty good. Multiple pockets serve well for toothbrushes, books and anything needed for easy access.

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We dress up in all the colours of the rainbow sometimes and flaunt massive bead necklaces in the office at other times, because there is a potential stylist in all of us. Everybody has specialized talents when it comes to mixing and matching accessories, and inventing contrasts and combinations. Our all-inclusive collection of accessories is chosen to assist you on your trips down the fashion lane, and to add an element of unique style to your everyday adventures.

Your ensemble put on the garb of unparalleled attitude, in our collection of men’s fashion accessories. The mesmerizing tints and snazzy frames of our sunglasses from Chrome, Vintage etc speak of a superlative sense of style, even as it defies the harshness of the afternoon sun. The ergonomic convenience of our bags, backpacks, laptop bags and luggage from the likes of American Tourister and Wildcraft is complemented by suave designs that make them your best buddies on every trip. Our belts and wallets include brands like Hidekraft and Polo, and are classified as casuals and formals to help you figure out what is right for the office and what works on a day out with friends.  

Every woman has a colour and it could be any one of the million hues in between a sober gray and a blazing pink. Fiery oranges, soft blues and flamboyant multicolours line up in our collection of bags, to let you pick your colour. Chic florals and bouncy solids are the highlights of our wayfarers, while the aviators cover everything from playful purples to somber browns. We have wallets for the professional, clutches for the diva and belts that will appeal to the fashion aficionado in you. Our scarves and stoles that are a celebration of colours and patterns will have you draping them around your neck at all times, with no regard to trends or seasons. 

Unisex travel gear, a recent addition to our list of fashion accessories, has been chosen with a focus on convenience and functionality, and without compromising on the style factor. 

EMI schemes, free shipping, super deal offers and special promotions are just a few of our many add-ons with which we make your shopping a wholesome and pleasurable experience.