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Floor Mats and Rugs

Ceilings have chandeliers, walls have paintings and floors have tiles, mosaic, chips and stones – the best of world class flooring options. However, sometimes even the most fancy and polished flooring fails to complement your moody decors. To make up for the deficit, people often take to the convenient and diverse options of Mats and Rugs.

Floor Mats

Functionally doormats are used to wipe dirty feet clean before entering the house. Until a few years back, doormats came in one of the two patterns, boring “Welcome” Mats or Prickly Jute Mats. However, contemporary interiors have changed the way people look at their homes. Every item in a home now has more personality and presence than it was graced with ever before.

The Door Mats at the entrance of the house have evolved from a dull “Welcome” to interesting designs that genuinely make you feel welcome. On HomeShop18, Doormats are available in a variety of fabrics and design. Most common sights are propylene doormats which are soft and comfy at the top and have an anti-slip base to avoid unpleasant falls. However, if you are a cotton fanatic then Expressions has a good range of colourful Cotton Doormats, usually in sets of 2 or 3, which are sure to complement your contemporary or ethnic interiors alike.

For the more experimenting, you can create an attractive floor seating with intricately designed polyester Assan Mats by Shamrock. They are inspired form the Persian aesthetics of interiors and lend an opulent feel to an otherwise minimalistic setup.