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  • Rated Apr 22, 2013

    it's a great pair but before HomeShop18, i had seen it on one of my close friends, who then referred me here. it's a great and really pretty pair. the shimmery design makes it look almost like a golden shoe. the sole, for once doesn't slip at all, even on extremely polished surfaces. i am quite happy with purchase but also my 2 cents...the image on the site is unclear at the least. had i not seen it on my friend i don't the picture would have convinced me of its beauty ever. other than that great buy and great delivery.

  • Rated Apr 22, 2013

    Just received my delivery at office and i am experiencing mixed emotions. the colour is exactly as it looks on the site and the leather is quite smooth and genuine. size fits perfectly and feels really snug on the feet. One thing that's been bothering me is the sole of the shoe. it's part rubber but mostly suede (the material from teh top of the shoe extends all the way till the sole). this makes me wonder if the shoes will tear soon. i cant walk on carpet the whole time. :D

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Sometimes a pair of shoes is all it takes to transform you into a princess, as we know from Cinderella’s story.  Comfort is only one of the many parameters when it comes to choosing the right footwear, because it also has to do with the style statement you want to share with the world. HomeShop18’s footwear collection is designed to keep you updated on what’s in vogue, and to ensure that you always put your best foot forward.You will find various types of footwear on our website such as loafers, shoes, boots, slippers, heels, wedges, formal shoes, bellies, flats, sandals, stilettos, flip flops, sneakers, canvases, sports shoes and so on.

If you want the rest of the world’s female population to gawk at you, we have boots and pumps from Carlton London. If you’d like to add an element of extravagant style to your outfit, we have Citywalk wedges, Jove ballerinas and Portia peep-toes and high heels. If you’re looking for comfort that defies the strain of long hours, we have slippers & flip flops from Berry Purple. If you want footwear that you can flaunt at a celebration as well as wear to an outing, we have casual shoes and sandals from Catwalk. Footwear for every woman and all occasions have found a place in our catalog, so that you do not have to look any further when you must pick a pair that lets you have the world at your feet.

The age of black and brown is over. Our collection of men’s footwear strides hand in hand with the latest fashion trends. They don many cool designs and a thousand different shades, so that there’s a pair for every day and every mood. Our formal shoes from Urban Woods are unbeatably classy in design and our Maco sandals are crafted to pamper your feet. Our estd.1977 slippers and flip flops are handpicked for your day out, our Fomazi loafers and moccasins are designed to complement your relaxed evenings and our Puma sneakers will appeal to the fitness buff in you. Your many daily adventures demand many footwear styles and types, and it is our pleasure to ensure we have precisely what you’re looking for.

Our size chart helps you figure the right fit, and if there’s been a miscalculation, our 30-day exchange policy helps you quickly get a replacement. EMI schemes, FREE shipping, superdeal offers and special promotions are just a few of our many add-ons with which we make your footwear shopping a wholesome and pleasurable experience.