Have your even seen a home or office without furniture? Guess not. Even the Japanese, who are known for their minimalism, keep a few low-tables and mats in their living room. Basically, furniture is important because it is pleasant to look at, highly functional and assigns a signature theme to your living space. Never thought about it huh?

Before purchasing your furniture…

1. Calculate your room’s dimensions and possible layout options
2. Decide your theme
3. Visit our Furniture Store
(2nd and 3rd are interchangeable)

Living Room

Replicating the vision that you have in your mind can be difficult. To get over this hurdle you can go through ideas and themes in décor books before finalising a look for your living room. Once you have a rough idea of how you would like to see it, visit our furniture store to select from tens of designs in Sofas, Ottomans, Recliners, Centre Tables and much more.

Bedroom Furniture

Just like your living room you can select a theme for your bedroom too, and use your newly found inspiration to make your den as comfortable as possible. Choose from old school Wooden Beds, more modern wrought iron designs or space-saving storage beds and pull-outs. Other than the beds, you will find complementing furniture options like Wardrobes and Almirahs, Drawer Chests, Dressers and more.

Smart Storage and Safes

Smart Storage is s a relatively new development and a useful one at that. Shoe racks by Urban Influence are excellent examples of this because they let you stow away your shoe clutter into sophisticated-looking Shoe Cabinets. Even wardrobes and almirahs now come in collapsible designs for easy storage.

However, the smartest storage ideas are from Godrej and Ozone in form of high security Electronic Safes. These safes come with a variety of security features – some bear digitised locks, others are fire proof while some are straight out of a spy movie with unsuspecting designs, like this one.

For complete furniture and storage options visit here.