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Gold Jewellery Online Store

Gold is not just a pretty adornment in India. It has been an integral part of our society since the times of ancient kings, when the reward for any great deed was bags full of gold. Today, gold has achieved celebrity status amongst metals. Be it for a marriage function or routine day at office, gold is a popular jewellery metal among women. 

Gold Jewellery for Women

There is hardly anything that captures imagination of Indian women like gold does. Gold is often the first choice in jewellery especially when the occasion calls for grandeur and opulence. On HomeShop18.com, you will find hundreds of unique designs in pendants, rings, earrings, mangalsutras and more from renowned brands like Asmi, D’damas, Facetz, Sparkles and more.

Precious metals like gold comes with a hefty price tag, which is why gold jewellery on HomeShop18.com comes with Authenticity Certificate so that whenever you spend on gold, you can be 101% sure of its purity.

Gold Jewellery for Men 

It’s unfair to assume that only women love gold or jewellery for that matter. In fact, men in olden times sported almost as much metal as their female counterparts. For the modern men, HomeShop18.com has just the perfect collection of subtle yet stylish gold rings. You can find design variations from Avsar and Surat Diamonds, in pure yellow gold finish or white gold finish, studded with genuine diamonds.