Buy Gold Rings for Men & Women Online

Engagements, weddings, romance, love, commitment are some words that crowd your mind when Gold Rings are being discussed. Over the years, they have come to be recognised as the unofficial seal of approval between couples and families. However, rings stand for more than just love and mushy sentiments. They are unspoken fashion statements that are luckily available in many designs and patterns. Some are elegant and simple, others are so intricately carved that details are visible only through a magnifier.

HomeShop18’s Jewellery Store features around 1000 unique designs in varying caratage and finishes. You can select them based on designs/style, caratage, stones (precious and semi-precious) and brands. Each piece is intricately carved and well-backed with quality assurance certificate by the brands.

We know that shopping for the perfect gold ring is an expensive affair, therefore, to ease your burden we have several EMI schemes to help you split your purchases in even parts without feeling the pinch.

Before you set out to make a purchase understand that lower caratage may not be as bad as you have been led to believe. To be more precise, determine your occasion:

Proposals and Engagements

These are important milestones in a new relationship. Do not try to save here or you may have to hear jibes for the rest of your life. Do not settle for anything below 22 K for such occasions. 22 K gold ensures grandeur of gold along with strength.

Casual Wear

Gold is known for its yellowish lustre, but if you love to experiment with your wardrobe every now and then explore lower caratage gold – 18 K or lower. Low caratage allows greater flexibility in shades and strength.