Gold & Silver Gifts Online Store

We exchange gifts with friends, families, colleagues and just about anyone who we care about. Unfortunately, not all gifts suit all occasions. For e.g. a teddy bear works great on a birthday or Friendship Day but not at all on weddings or opulent festivals like Diwali. To make sure that your gifts matches up to the grandeur of the occasion/festival, gold and silver gifts are the best options. 

If you are deciding on a gift for a religious occasion than you can choose from an array of pure gold & silver or, gold and silver-plated gifts. Silver Ashthotaram flowers, lamps, aarti set, parijat flowers, banana leaf are some great options if the intended gift-recipients are religiously inclined. Alternatively, if the gift is intended for a friend or someone you know very well then you can take the liberty of going slightly informal with gold-plated playing cards, gold-foil rose (complete with a stick and golden leaves) or silver foil pens by Aarya

Apart from standalone gifts, you can also choose from a range of complete gift sets like ganesh-laxmi silver idol with flowers, silver coins with diyas, silver Tulsi plant with ganesh-laxmi silver coins and puja thali sets. Once you have finalised your gift, the rest will be compensated for by love and that’s it. One appropriate gift ensures a strong bond for a lifetime.