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Buy Hair Colours Online

Hair colouring is one of the many beauty trends that started in the last few years and has now become as common as a haircut. Getting streaks, highlights or full head colour changes appearance magically.

These days the options have become wider based on use and desired duration of the colour. Besides permanent hair colours there are tons of temporary options like hair colour sprays and colour chalks.

On HomeShop18 you will find colourful options from L’oreal, Shahnaz Hussain, Revlon, Aroma Magic and many more.

Permanent Hair Colours

The term is relative with respect to other hair colours. Once applied, typically these last as long as six to seven months. After that, two things happen – your hair grows out significantly and the actual colours starts fading to auburn shade. Therefore, it is important to reuse these every 7-8 months for a beautiful upkeep. Most of these colours come with a complete set of pre-colouring conditioner, which prepares hair for long lasting shades of locks. These may come in creamy or powdered forms depending upon the brand.

Another Time Tested Hair Colour is henna which colours and conditions hair simultaneously. Usually, henna is cheaper and comes in powder form. Shahnaz Hussain’s range of Herbal Henna is extremely popular and known for its positive effects on the colour and texture of hair. One downside of henna is limited colour options. You can only expect shades ranging from deep burgundy to faint red.

Temporary Hair Colours

Those who do not like to stick to a single shade day in and day out can choose these for occasional uses. Hair Sprays and Chalks are especially made for single day use when you want to sport hair according your dress or party theme.