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Home Essentials

The secret to a dream home lies in small things like cleanliness and carefully sorted daily chores. It just so happens that on HomeShop18, we have tried our best to make your life fun and easy. Visit our Home Improvement store and hop on the journey to a better and a happier home.

Cleaning Products and Utilities

Aesthetics of a spotless home demand oodles of discipline and the right range of products. Floor Cleaners and disinfectant sprays for a microscopically clean floor, scrubs, brushes and mops together give you the biggest satisfaction of breathing clean air at least within the walls of your home. And, like the rest of the house, a clean toilet is the least you could maintain to keep your family healthy. Invest in a range of toilet brushes and liquid toilet cleaners for a sparkling toilet.

Laundry Accessories and Utilities

Weekly laundry is an arduous task which can be simplified with the right accessories like Clothes Dryers for wet monsoons and cloudy days. After drying clothes, you can iron them to a starched crisp on sturdy, comfortable and colourful Ironing Boards.

Other Knick Knacks

Setting up a home is no child’s play. The number of things one can buy for an efficient household often runs into hundreds if not thousands. Small accessories like Storage Units, Dustbins, and Door Handles are some of these underplayed accessories which never receive enough spotlight but still remain crucial.

Homemaker’s Tip:

Before moving into a new home, prepare a list of items that you plan to buy. This saves a lot of your shopping time and money.