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Home & Kitchen Online Store

Homemakers are wizards; the ease with which they juggle roles of a chef, baker, baby sitter, carpenter, electrician, bar tender, gardener and designer deserves a standing ovation. Our way of honouring these individuals, is to ensure that every accent and accessory that might be of assistance in this superhero act is always at the tip of their fingers.

The Living Room
Television is watched, coffee is sipped and first impressions are made. Our home furniture suits a variety of décor schemes, our soft furnishing keeps in mind individualistic choices and our home décor accents play with colours and designs, so that you conjure up that ambience of cosy comfort.

The Bedroom
Books are read, little ones are tucked in, and the hassles of the day are washed away in a soothing slumber. We have soft sheets to sink into, lighting to accentuate the tranquility, décor to match, and home security units to safeguard your indoors.

The Bathroom
The smell of fresh flowers and scented candles, lather and bubbles, and a squeaky clean interior are the highlights of bathroom décor. Our fluffy towels, bathroom accessories styled to suit contemporary taste and efficient cleaning utility lets your comfort zone rhyme with luxury.

The Dining
The day’s adventures are retold and the laughs are always loud. Our dinnerware spans a wide range of budget points, and our table linen experiments with colours, patterns and fabrics, adding joyful flavours to dinner times.

The Kitchen
You cut, slice, dice, mix, match, experiment, and look forward to smiles at the dinner table. Our kitchen accessories, tools and food storage are handpicked to complement the smart chef, and our cookware combines functional convenience with elegance.

As we make an entry to your home we like to touch up every nook and corner, which is why we’re well stocked on everything from beautifully styled bar accessories or tools for garden to hardware essentials and intricately carved statues of God. EMI schemes, free shipping, super deal offers and special promotions are just a few of our many add-ons with which we make your shopping a wholesome and pleasurable experience.