Home Tools

In India, manual labour is cheap and abundant but only in theory. The dearth of Carpenters and Plumbers in the hour of need is well-known. Be your repair guy and visit HomeShop18’s Tool Store to buy easy and convenient tools and tool kits to stop dependency on the no-show men.

Tool Kits and Drill Sets

There is no limit to the Kind of Tools that you made need when it comes to small home repairs. Renowned brands like Bosch, Skil, Newtro and Birde have a wide range of automatic and manual tools like, automatic screwdrivers, manual Tool Kits including hammers, inch-tapes, manual screwdrivers and much more.

Another popular do-it-yourself tool is a Drilling Machine, which makes the task of driving a nail through the wall butter-smooth. Operating these requires only the most generic practice and off you go as the self-made Mr/Ms. Fix.

Power Tools and Accessories

Besides drilling machines, we have a wide range of other Power Tools which reduce time, effort and frustration by a great margin – handheld blower, engraver tool, high pressure car washer, glue gun and much more. However, these are mostly used in commercial applications.

Shop for power Tool Accessories on HomeShop18 here.