Wespro 10

Wespro 10" Netbook with Optical Mouse - Black

Rs. 8499 Rs. 5999

  • 10" LCD Display
  • VIA 8850, 1.2GHz
  • 512 MB

Laptops are sizeable investments. You buy one and sit back for at least next three to four years. Therefore, it’s best advised if you spend some time reading up on the kinds of laptops available in market. To help you get started we are splitting them into four easy categories. Read on to see which one you would want to pick.

Basic Laptops

Most of the consumer laptops fall in this category. These laptops have standard configurations, which are often inflexible for those who may be planning to make minor upgrades in due course of time. Most basic Laptops come with one year warranty and are the most affordable of the lot. Acer, ASUS, Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo have an affordable range of laptops which could be an excellent purchase if you are looking for a basic make that takes care of your work and entertainment in sufficient doses.

Business Laptops

These are upped versions of consumer laptops built for business professionals and those who are constantly on the move. In fact, often, you would find two similar laptops models in consumer and business section where Business Laptops have the flexibility of customisation for consumers.


Portable, Light and Petite, Netbooks are delicate and not designed to handle processor-intensive tasks. However, they are ideal for internet surfing, simple and light apps and watching movies.


These are the latest powerhouses in the world of laptops. Ultrabooks are slim and fast but inclined towards premium price range. A perfect investment if you want power with style and looks.