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Formal Shirts for Men

Shopping shirts for a formal affair takes up way too much time than it actually should. You have to keep multiple factors in mind, like colour, design, fabric, fitting. Ever more troublesome is the fact that you end up scanning unreasonable number of shops for one shirt. On HomeShop18, you will find all this and much more within minimal clicks.

Striped Formal Shirts

Stripes have been a long-running favourite for men when it comes to office or corporate wear. The uniform pattern gives an overall polished and slimming look to ones frame. Some things to avoid in stripes are the horizontal ones. They not only look disorienting but also make you look wider than you’d like. To buy some elegant striped shirts for men explore Arrow, Copperline , Cornerstone , Richlook and more  for best cotton shirts with one of the best services rendered online. 

Checkered Formal Shirts

If your office or the event isn’t very uptight that you can also try checkered  shirts by Cotton County, Monteil and Munero, Jogur, Cornerstone. As long as it is neatly tucked you won’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Plain Shirts

Solid colours are deceptive at the least. They trick you into believing that you’re in control of your look but if you go a tad too bright, you look flashy. Anything dull just looks ‘dull’. For formal settings always stick to pastel shades. Reserve bright yellows, reds and greens for your own party.