Formal Trousers for Men

If you still own a pair of pleated formal trousers, then this might be a good time to launch them out of your window. Simple reason being the fact that they are old, obsolete and passé and do not belong in the wardrobe of a professional in the year 2013.

For a modern age work-place only latest trends should be donned. In simpler words, the flat-fronted trousers are the norm in current fashion scene.  The flat-fronted trousers gained popularity in men’s fashion around 15 years back because they fit better, look smarter and are easier to iron. The pleated trousers tend to act a few extra grams near the waistline because of the gathered seams, but, flat-fronted formal trousers follow a more simplified stitch. As a result, you look your weight or even slimmer. 

If the dress-code is extremely formal then go with dark shades – black , dark grey and dark blue by TNG, Yepme, Monteil & Munero and Jogur. If the dress code allows only trousers with no specific guidelines then lighter colours can be sported – cream, beige and khaki. 

Even though the men’s trousers come in rainbow colours too, they should never be worn to office. It’s the unspoken dress code. Violating this won’t cost you your job but will sure send you under the HR’s radar.  

Quick Tip

Pair light shirts with dark trousers and vice versa. Same shades for shirt and trousers will make your outfit look like a jumpsuit.