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Polo T-shirts for Men

There's so much history behind the polo t-shirts that you could write a medium-sized volume about them. The design concept emanated from the sweaty sport of tennis which at that time had a stiff uniform which worked less like a dress and more like a stitched shroud.

Several versions and a few decades later we got the current style which worked just as well for the non-players as it did for the polo players and tennis players. 

Now polo tees are staple fashion component and available in many prints and colours.

Solid polos t-shirts  are a colourful take on the classic white ones and go really well with jeans and casual trousers. Brands like Americanos, Duke, Gritstones, I M Young and Monteil and Munero have some lovely colours in cotton t-shirts to choose from. 

Another great option in design is the popular striped pattern . For more options in colours, fabric and design check out the complete collection of polo t-shirts  on HomeShop18.