Exchange for Lumia 520
Best Buy Price Rs 11206
Discount Rs 3,000
Effective Price Rs 8,206

Exchange for Lumia 620
Best Buy Price Rs 15,999
Discount Rs 4,000
Effective Price Rs 11,999

Exchange for Lumia 625
Best Buy Price Rs 21919
Discount Rs 6,000
Effective Price Rs 15,919

Exchange for Lumia 720
Best Buy Price Rs 22,199
Discount Rs 7,000
Effective Price Rs 15,199

Exchange for Lumia 925
Best Buy Price Rs 38,529
Discount Rs 8,600
Effective Price Rs 29,929

Exchange for Lumia 1020
Best Buy Price Rs.49,999
Discount Rs.10,000
Effective Price Rs.39,999


1.Get instant discount of Rs. 3000 on Lumia 520, discount of Rs. 4000 on Lumia 620, discount of Rs. 6000 on Lumia 625, discount of Rs. 7000 on Lumia 720, discount of Rs. 8600 on Lumia 925 and discount of Rs. 10,000 on Nokia Lumia 1020 as a part of the exchange offer i.e. Buy Nokia Lumia 520 at Rs. 8206, buy Nokia Lumia 620 at Rs. 11999, buy Nokia Lumia 625 at Rs. 15919, buy Nokia Lumia 725 at Rs. 15199, buy Lumia 925 at Rs. 29929 and buy Nokia Lumia 1020 at Rs. 39,999 on HomeShop18.
2. Receive a call from HomeShop18 & give details of your old phone. You will receive a Rs. 200 Gift Coupon (no minimum cart value required for usage) either on the call or by email to cover the courier charges you will incur for sending the old phone back.
3.Your new phone will be delivered post getting confirmation on your old phone details
4. Courier your old phone along with ID proof within 4 working days to the address given below.
Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a limited period offer.
  • The old phone should be in working condition with the charger and accessories.

  • These are indicative only, and can change at any time without notice.
  • After your order is placed, you will get a confirmation call from HomeShop18 to collect your old phone details like Model Name, Availability of Charger and Accessories, and IMEI number - The IMEI number of a phone can obtained by dialing *#06#
  • You will also be requested to furnish details like Your Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Photo ID type that you will be submitting (Driver's License, PAN Card, Passport) and Photo ID number (Driving License Number, PAN Card Number, Passport Number).
  • Within 4 working days of receiving the new phone, you will need to courier the old phone with the charger and accessories as well as 1 photocopy of the ID and Address Proof to the below address:

C/O Anil Morya
M/s Spectacular Media Marketing Private Limited,
First Floor, MPL No. 4948,
Plot No. 47, Opposite Hindi Park,
Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002

  • In the interest of your privacy, you are requested to erase all data on the phone before returning it. HomeShop18 or Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd. will not be responsible for any misuse of the same.
  • By purchasing this product on HomeShop18, you confirm that the exchange handset, the charger and accessories belong to you and you hereby indemnify and hold Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd, HomeShop18, consultants, directors, officers and employees harmless from any and all claims, charges, costs and fees (including legal fees) arising in regard to the mobile handset, charger, data on the phone and accessory submitted by you. You confirm having understood the terms applicable and hereby agree to participate in this offer in accordance with such terms and conditions.
  • HomeShop18 does not warrant that the Call Centre will run concurrently and error free during and/or after the offer period, and HomeShop18 shall not be liable for issues related to technical and/or human error whatsoever.
  • If at any time during the continuance of this promotion, the performance in whole or in part is prevented or delayed by reasons of a Force Majeure event, then from the date of occurrence of such event, there shall not be any claim against HomeShop18 for damages, or any liability against it, in respect of such non-performance or delayed performance. For the purpose of this promotion, Force Majeure means and includes any event due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of HomeShop18 including war, hostility, fire, floods, explosives, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lock outs, compliance with orders or instructions of any court, statutory or governmental interventions or any other acts of State or God.
  • Any dispute with regard to this offer is subject to jurisdiction in the courts of Delhi/New Delhi.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to the below:

  • I confirm that I am the sole and absolute owner and/or user of the product mentioned above (Handset).
  • I confirm that Handset which I am exchanging/ under the buyback program  is a genuine Handset and is not a refurbished or counterfeit Handset, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchange or any Agreement of sale etc. and I have got the clear marketable title of the said Handset .
  • The Invoice submitted by me as a proof of purchase/ownership /user is a genuine, original Invoice. OR
  • That I have lost /misplaced the original Invoice and I represent and undertake that I am the legitimate owner /user of the Handset I willfully submit my Photo ID proof with the Dealer.
  • I confirm and accept that the exchange value of my Handset as calculated by the dealer is fair. I further confirm that all the data in the said Handset is erased before handing it over under refresh program. I also confirm that in spite of erasing the data manually/electronically, if any data still accessible due any technical reason, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd shall not be responsible for the same and I will not approach Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd  for any retrieval of the data.
  • I hereby give my consent that my that personal information that I have provided in connection with this buyback program might be processed, transferred and retained by the dealer and other entities involved in managing the program for the purposes of validating the information that I provided herein and for the administration of the program.
  • I agree to indemnity and keep indemnifying Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd, its affiliates, distributors and the retailer from which I purchased the Handset and any future buyer of the Handset against all or any third party claims, demand, cost, expenses including attorney fees which may be suffered, incurred, undergone and / or sustained by Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd, its Affiliates or any future buyer due to usage of the Handset by me till date and I undertake to make good the same.
  • I accept the above Terms & Conditions