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Buy Sarees for Women

One of the most traditional forms of attire, the Saree, has had its origins right from the age of the Indus Valley Civilization and remains a choice of clothing for majority of women till the present day. Sarees are primarily a long piece of cloth, measuring up to a few yards in length and are draped over the body in a specific fashion, starting from the waist, pleated around the hips, while the rest of the cloth is released over the shoulder. A vast majority of Indian Women prefer the saree as a costume for numerous occasions, including daily wear, formal wear and for festive occasions.

Sarees are complemented with an upper body garment – the blouse. Saree Blouses are designed in accordance with the sari and bear similar design elements to match the look.

Sarees are designed in myriad patterns, with embellishments, zari work and in solid hues. For occasions such as weddings and festivals, women prefer to wear flamboyant sarees.

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