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The burst of a hundred different flavours in your mouth and the aroma of spices wafting in the air- Indian cuisine is an art, and not an easy one to master. For anyone attempting to trudge the path of Indian cooking, it is indispensable that they be armed with a coterie of cookware essentials.  It is quite possible that one might get lost in the multitude of options that invade you when you are on the lookout for the right cookware, and the easy way out, is to walk the path of Prestige. 

There is no biriyani without an energy efficient pressure cooker, and no steaming hot pakodas without an ergonomically designed fry pan. A flat tawa is a prerequisite for fluffy pancakes and crisp dosas. A kadai with convenient handles takes care of your curries to some extent, while a traditionally designed appa chatty is what you need for some specialized cooking. Non-stick casseroles that qualify to be transported from the stove top to the dinner table spare you some post-cooking hassle, while a mini-handi is just what you need when you’re not cooking for too many people. Induction base cookware encourages an energy efficient way of life, while non-stick surfaces endorse health-conscious meal options. If you’re looking to fill up your kitchen cabinets with some or all of these cookware experts, HomeShop18’s shelf for Prestige is your one-stop destination. Owning the masterpieces from Prestige has indeed been a matter of prestige for years together in Indian households, and the legacy continues to date. 

Over five decades, Prestige has been a flag bearer for healthy and innovative cooking , even as it constantly managed to live up to international standard specifications with regard to quality and ergonomics. Homeshop18’s shelf for Prestige is stocked up with the best and latest of their introductions, so that your kitchen always stays up to date. EMI schemes, cash on delivery options and free shipping have been added to your cart as well, to ensure that your shopping is a smooth and hassle-free experience.