Bathroom Accessories

People spend lavishly on decorating their Living Room followed by the guest room or the master bedroom, then the kitchen and lastly the Bathroom. Understandably, this sequence is devised based on the perception of a house by its guests. However, a home is truly perfect when its inhabitants decorate it for their own eyes with special stress on bathrooms.

Why? Hmmm ...because a single visit is all it takes to determine your household’s lifestyle and general hygiene. Therefore, keeping your bathroom spic and span is your duty in the overall scheme of things.

Toothbrush and Tissue Holders

Despite its average area, bathroom accessories are many! You can start with stylish Holders for Toothbrush and Tissues. As stock as these accessories are, the right colour and material can work wonders for even the simplest bathroom interiors. For instance, we have tens of Toothbrush and Tissues Holders and dispensers in resin, ceramic and stainless steel by Plumeria, Biance and @Home. If you have a penchant for flashy then check out our premium range of designer Tissue Holders and Dispensers.

Bathroom Fittings

With beautiful bathrooms comes the responsibility of installing beautiful Fittings. Napkin Rings, Towel Rings, Soap Dishes and Dispensers, and robe hooks by Jwell and SG Home in high quality stainless steel will definitely add beauty and utility to your fine bathroom walls.

In addition to the above items, Bathroom Racks for Towels, Medicine Cabinets and Corner Shelves are smart options for saving space and avoiding clutter.