Buy Silver Rings for Men & Women Online

Silver Jewellery is highly successful in casual and street fashion. It is extremely beautiful and trending these days. Therefore, there is no real reason for you to not shop for it. If still in two minds then remember that silver is quite affordable and you can literally put on a new one for every day of the week. Coming to silver rings, they not only look cool but are available in plenty of designs.

Start your silver ring shopping with HomeShop18 where styles, designs and variety never fall short. Shop from over 1100 design options. You can browse through simplest and classic silver bands that speak volumes about your taste in style and dressing. You can also gift intricate Heart-Shaped designs to your sweetheart from our hearty collection. After all nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful silver ring, pure of colour and full of emotions. Also available is a huge collection of spiritual rings for the people of faith who seek scientifically-proven calming effects of silver for turbulent minds.

Why Sterling Silver?

We have been taught to shun adulteration right since our childhood. However, when it comes to shopping for precious and semi-precious metals, you should bear in mind that purest form may not be the most ideal. In case of silver, 100% pure silver is only as good as a half-baked brick, soft and lumpy. 100% pure silver is often made stronger by mixing in another metal. The end composition is better known as an alloy. Sterling Silver is one such alloy that is highly prevalent in jewellery line of business. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% another metal, brought together to give you sparkling silver jewellery.

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