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Skin Care

Skin Care is tricky. What works for your friend’s skin may not work for you. Therefore, it is important to understand one’s skin type, after which you can safely claim to have won half the battle. For the other half, we have our extensive Skin Care Products with tens of renowned skin care brands and hundreds of quality products.

Daily Care  

At HomeShop18, we have all the products that you might need on a daily basis right from the beginning of your day till the time you hit the bed. For a fresh and active start of the day, you can look at the natural and organic range of Soaps, Body Wash and Bath Salts by Auravedic, Sattvik Organics, Soulflower, Tvam and more. Follow that up with Body Lotions and Sunscreens by Neutrogena, Olay or Lotus Herbals. However, it’s only at the fag end of the day when your skin demands most care. The day long stress, pollution and sun rays take toll on the skin and your skin screams for rejuvenating and preventive care like Anti-Ageing, Night and Eye Creams. These help your skin in recuperating from the rigours of the day.

Facial Kits for Regular Care

Using products suited for your skin type is important but adopting a regular skin care regime goes a long way in ensuring healthy and smooth skin. Every week or once a fortnight you can pamper your skin with Facial Kits by Sattvik Organics, VLCC, Nature’s Essence, and Beauty Aromas. These kits will work as beauty booster shots with complete pack of Massage Cream, Exfoliants, Bleach and more.