Wall Decor

Veer away from the usual, drab style that defines your home and refurbish it with amazing stickers, key holders, Wall Hangings,Wall Photo Frames, Fascinating Paintings and Earthy Artefacts blended with historical elements. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more uninteresting than a bare wall. You can now reinvigorate, lend a new dimension or rev up your wall with alluring and brilliant wall decors from HomeShop18.

Vivid designs, bright, sprightly colours and modernistic drawings are what you can expect and see for yourself, from some of the gorgeous Wall Stickers that are available on our website.

Whether you’re looking forward to decorate your little one’s room or wondering how you can amplify the look of your hall or dining room, there are stickers available for all kinds of settings. The plus point is that all of these stickers are designed to be easily removable so you can paste them wherever you want, whenever you want. Isn’t it fascinating that a simple work of art can totally redefine the way your home looks?

Furthermore, think of all the keys lying around at home that need to be kept securely yet fashionably in one place. Here’s where an alluring Key Holder is guaranteed to invoke second looks at your home and investing in a beautiful, intricately designed key holder is sure to hold all of your keys in one place, with oodles of style. For the perfect home that you have created, our range of wall decors will simply magnify that desired look by several notches.