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Baking is all about ingredients in right quantities, and if you must bake you cannot do without measuring cups. If you are a fan of Indian cuisines, your kitchen inevitably requires a multipurpose pan. If you must play the perfect host you need to be well-armoured with basics like napkin holders and pepper mills. If your cooking mantra is smartness and efficiency, you need a handful of deliciously sharp kitchen knives and scissors. All these and more line up under a single umbrella for your convenience, and goes by the name of Wonderchef.

Founded by India’s cooking stalwart Sanjeev Kapoor, every product from Wonderchef is handpicked by him. Every product from the house of Wonderchef is first tested and approved by some of the best chefs in the country, allowing every aspiring chef a figurative sneak peek into their kitchens. The efficiency and ergonomic supremacy of Wonderchef kitchen essentials let you cook up dishes like a professional, with accompanying recipes on every cookware to guide you.

Wonderchef’s cake moulds are chosen to add glamour to your baking sessions, and their cooking pans, casseroles and cutlery sets add an element of style to your kitchen and dinner table. The brand is also well stocked on kitchen tools that include peelers, knives and knife sharpeners, can openers, strainers, skimmers, graters, chopping boards, ladles, spoons and spatulas. The range is exhaustive and always has the right set of kitchen accessories, whether you’re planning to fix a quick meal or prepare a full-fledged one.

Sanjeev Kapoor believes that the right cookware and tools contribute to the health and convenience factors of your cooking sessions, and we bring the best of his selection to our shelf for Wonderchef’s kitchen essentials. While our EMI option supports your high budget cookware shopping, our Free Shipping ensures that your shopping is always smooth and hassle-free.