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Zero B 5 Ltr RO Water Purifier Pristine

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    overview - Zero B 5 Ltr RO Water Purifier Pristine

    Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. is a leader in the business of water treatment and solutions that is so vital to people's lives and the environment.

    For more than four decades, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. has pioneered many path-breaking innovations in the field of engineering and marketing to provide a one stop solution for industry, homes and the communities.

    In the consumer market, under the flagship of the Zero B brand, the company has introduced products catering to every need of the customer. From online water purifier to the most advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. has led virtually every breakthrough in the Indian market fulfilling the company's vision: To be leader in our business which is so vital to people's lives and the environment.


    About Zero B Pristine:

    • Zero B Pristine is the most advanced water purification system. RO with 7 stage purification technology which removes all the dissolved minerals, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from the water. Thus restoring its natural taste and delivering absolutely pure water
    • Zero B Pristine, Stage7 RO system. An RO system which is designed and manufactured to deliver the purest form of water. The only technology that doesn't just remove bacteria and viruses but also eliminates pesticides, harmful chemicals, metals and dissolved salts. It comes from the stable of Ion Exchange (I) Ltd, pioneers and leaders in the arena of water treatment. A position which has been maintained over past four decades
    • Converts salty water to pure, crystal clear, natural tasting drinking water
    • 7 - stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier:
      • Gives Energized water
      • Energized water helps to reduce excess acidity and bile in digestive system. Effective in Urinary and Kidney disorders
      • Works as an external aid for washing swollen & sore eyes, wounds, etc for quick healing. Beneficial for nervous disorders & treatment of blood pressure
      • Helpful in treatment of blood pressure, especially in treatment of low blood pressure
    • Removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals, heavy metals color & odor from water
    • Fully automatic operations
    • Low/ Low fouling RO membrane (works on low pressure, lower fouling of membrane)
    • Recovery of good water up to 20 - 25% and salt rejection up to 90 - 95%
    • Pressure booster pump - provides constant water pressure to the system
    • Automatic tank level control (Non-wired) ensures pump cut-off whenever the tank fills up
    • Auto flush periodically flushes the membrane to remove the salt deposited on the membrane and thereof enhances the life of the membrane
    • Over voltage and over current protection: Power supply cuts off whenever there is an over voltage and over current than specified. This protects the pump
    • Double safety purifier - provides additional safety, offers 100% germicidal protection
    • Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards
    • 5 litres storage tank with flow rate of 5 litres per hour
    • 30 watts power consumption
    • Indications provided by Zero B Pristine
    • Power on - through a RED colored LED
    • Tank Level Control (TLC)- through a GREEN colored LED, which glows till the time tank is being filled
    • Auto Flush Timer(AFT) - through a YELLOW colored LED, which glows till the time auto flush is being operational
    Purification Stages:
    • Stage 1 - QC Filter: Filter macro particles
    • Stage 2 - Pre Filter: This filter removes larger particles such as dust, sand and other suspended particles above 20 microns and therefore it renders clarity to incoming water
    • Stage 3 - Sediment Filter: The sediment filter is third step in the water purification process. This filter uses a 5 - 10 micron polypropylene-spun fiber filter to remove sediments and other impurities, upgrading the water quality one level and improving the performance and life of main membrane. This gives high clarity of water
    • Stage 4 - Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Filter: The carbon filter made from high grade silver impregnated carbon removes chlorine, organic impurities, color and odour from water. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria in the cartridge. This makes the water crisp to taste
    • Stage 5 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Reverse osmosis membrane having pore size of 0.0001 micron retains all the contaminants like bacteria, viruses, pyrogen and toxic cancer causing chemicals like pesticides, VOCs, Trihalomethanes. The reverse osmosis membrane reduces 90 - 95 % of total dissolved salts, thereby imparts good taste to water. It also removes harmful chemicals like fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals. This makes the water pure, safe and crystal clear
    • Stage 6 - Resin carbon cartridge: RO purified water passes through the resin carbon cartridge that acts as a double safe purifier, in the event of RO process failure
    • Stage 7 - Bacteriostatic carbon Filter: This back - up purifier offers 100 % germicidal protection. A purified water falls into a transparent tank, tank level sensor automatically cuts off the pump when the tank is full

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    Highlights - Zero B 5 Ltr RO Water Purifier Pristine

    Product Code39605
    Product CategoryHousehold appliances
    BrandZero B

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